What I offer

Imagine a one-day training course where you learnt for an hour, went away to practise and try it out for size, see what works and what needs tweaking, then you come back again, learn for another hour, go away and try it out again, hour after hour, for a whole day. That’s how the Thinking Space coaching programme works – except we spread it out over a few months rather than doing it all in one very long day.

Typically, we’ll speak once a month for an hour, either face-to-face or on the phone, and in between sessions, you will have assignments to work on with support from me via email. In your session, we’ll review progress so far and create an action plan. You work on those action points and then in your next session, we review, refine, and plot the next steps. Having time to work on your goals gives you the chance to try out your plans in the ‘real world’ and reinforces your learning.

This is training and development that really sticks.