What happens in a coaching session?

As your coach, I will help you to

• discover your values and whether you’re in alignment with them
• work out where it is you want be
• plan how to get there
• keep you from veering off course – or  re-plot the course with you if your goals change
• identify, prioritise and plan how to meet your development  needs
• make transitions
• get the balance right

I will

• work with you to work out why something isn’t working quite the way you planned
• keep our conversations confidential
• help you to establish what support you might need/want and how you can access it
• provide you with tools and resources to help you achieve results
• keep you accountable
• actively listen to you
• ask you lots of questions

I won’t

• judge you
• tell you what to do
• force you to do anything
• jump to conclusions
• impose my ideas on you

We will

• work hard
• celebrate your successes
• have a creative and rewarding working relationship.